About Us


Welcome to Imani Expressions. My name is April Anders. As a Registered Nurse, single mom and former grad student, I realize that premium beauty products can be EXPENSIVE when you are on a budget. I love working out with my waist trainer, eating clean, rocking beautiful hair extensions and wearing comfortable and fashionable nursing scrubs to work each day. Premium hair extensions, quality waist trainers, skin products and nursing scrubs are expensive and that is why I decided to build a brand whose mission is: "To provide affordable premium health and beauty products to all women".
Health, skin, beautiful hair and clothes boosts our confidence and contributes to us looking and feeling prettier than we already are! Imani Expressions offers premium Brazilian hair extensions, nursing scrubs, skin care, and waist trainers. Again, thank you for visiting our store and becoming "Imanified!" Please leave your email for special promotions, and notifications of new products.