May 19, 2022 3 min read

Are you in the market for high-quality hair extensions? If so, you may be wondering where to find them. One option is raw Vietnamese hair. This type of hair is known for its quality and durability, plus it is affordable. It’s slightly different from Virgin hair and offers better quality. If you’re interested in purchasing raw Vietnamese hair, here is a comprehensive guide to help you get started and where to buy the premium hair.

What is Raw Vietnamese Hair?


Raw Vietnamese hair is sourced from a single donor and can be purchased from Imani Expressions


Many hair extension customers are starting to hear about Vietnamese hair. And for a good reason… the quality of the hair.

Raw Vietnamese hair is sourced from a single donor, typically from villagers in Vietnam. The donors are women who live simple lives and tend to work laborious jobs in the mountains of the Southeast Asian region. Their diets are simpler, their hair strands grow thicker, and they rarely process their hair with chemicals.

After a donor sells their hair, it is cleansed, wefted, and prepared for sale. Since the hair is from a single donor, each hair bundle is left in its natural state and not manipulated to create uniform patterns.

This leads us to another common question which can often be confusing…

What is the difference between Raw Hair and Virgin Hair?

Raw hair is hair that has not been processed with chemicals or heat. It is one of the purest quality hair extensions on the market.

Virgin hair is hair that has not been chemically processed (heat may have been applied to it for preparation). Chemically processed refers to perms, bleaches, color treatments, and dyes.

The difference between Raw hair and Virgin hair is heat. Raw hair has not been treated with heat Virgin may have been treated with heat. Since the single donors of raw hair do not have a desire to style their hair using heat, the texture typically comes in a straight variety. Also, Virgin hair tends to be combined with other donors to complete the bundle. Whereas Raw hair comes from a single donor, which guarantees longevity by preventing tangling and matting of the tresses.

Is raw Vietnamese hair good?

Raw Vietnamese Hair styled into a blunt cut bob from Imani Expressions.

Raw Vietnamese Hair styled into a blunt cut bob from Imani Expressions.

Absolutely yes! It is considered an investment since it is the purest real human hair you can find on the market. Are you tired of purchasing new hair bundles every few months or every few years? When cared for properly, raw hair can last 2-10 years.

In Vietnam, women rarely straighten or process their hair. Many of them sell their hair to supplement their living wages. Therefore, they will grow lengthy locks in order to sell them. Although Vietnamese hair may lack the luster and curl compared to Brazilian hair, it is known for being dark, very thick, soft, and silky.

Raw hair is a colorist’s dream to work with since it has not been processed. In addition, they can easily color the hair since it has not been dyed. It is also stronger and can withstand their first-time treatment of the bundles.

Where to buy raw Vietnamese hair?


The best place to purchase raw Vietnamese hair extensions is from Imani Expressions. We sell silky straight bundles in lengths from 10 inches to 30 inches long. We also sell a raw Vietnamese closure.

They are of the highest quality and in high demand by celebrities, hairstylists, wig makers, bottle girls, Instagram models, and any beautiful woman who wants the best grade of hair extensions. So make your purchase today, you won’t be disappointed!