October 26, 2019 3 min read

  • Brazilian Hair- Comes in wavy, straight and curly patterns. The straight textures are not bone straight and appears to have slight waves in it. Brazilian hair styles very easily handles heat well and can hold a curl all day.  Virgin Brazilian Hair extensions blend well with most natural ethnic hair textures and can last up to a year or more with proper care.  Brazilian hair is known to be great for coloring and styling. Virgin Brazilian hair can be colored up to a #613 blonde however many stylists recommend just purchasing the hair pre-colored because it is a double process and much more expensive.

          Brazilian hair is the most popular hair extensions due to its luxurious, sleek texture and versatility.  Virgin Brazilian hair is beautiful, and it makes great looking hair extensions. It comes, it has the tendency to dry out so be sure to keep it moisturized. The good thing is that this type of hair requires less wash because of its heavy density. 

  • Malaysian Hair – is very soft and silky and at first, glance can appear a bit shiny. But after a few washes, the luster fades into a more natural glow. Curls hold well with minimal hair products so try to avoid using too much oil spray on this hair.  If you want volume and thickness, Malaysian hair is a good option because it has great bounce and heavy body. 
  • Peruvian Hair – This hair is a little coarser and thicker in texture than Malaysian or Brazilian hair. It blends well with normal African American relaxed hair textures and medium Caucasian hair textures.  Peruvian hair is multipurpose hair. It looks naturally voluminous despite the fact it is lightweight. For example, you can have over 4 bundles of hair installed and they will feel very light on your head. It is extremely manageable even in times when hair isn’t maintained properly. Peruvian hair is great for sleek straight styles as well as short & edgy styles.
  • Indian Hair – this is the workhorse of the hair industry. Most other hair types are process from the various textures of Indian hair. Depending on the region where the hair is collected, the characteristics of Indian hair can resemble everything from a fine European texture to lightly yaki. Indian hair lasts a long time without much maintenance and is very versatile
  • Raw virgin hair- is the highest quality and most expensive virgin hair extensions you come across on the market because the hair is kept in its most natural state. It has not been chemically treated, dyed, bleached or permed. In fact, it is taken directly from the head of the hair donor, gently washed and then bundled for sale.

           3.5 oz is the weight of a true bundle

    100% Premium Virgin Hair has all hair cuticles intact and laying in the same direction, making pure virgin hair extensions soft and smooth to the touch. The hair will also be resistant to tangling and matting.  It is important to take great care of your hair extensions. Keeping them washed regularly either by a stylist or at home will keep them looking and smelling great.

    Be sure to use a sulfate-free shampoo when washing your hair extensions. Because the hair is 100% human you can blow dry your hair quickly.  Be sure to thoroughly dry your tracks so as not to trap any moisture on your scalp.

    Use a wide-tooth when working with the hair. Imani Expressions Hair can last one year with the proper care. The hair can be installed multiple times with great results.