October 16, 2019 2 min read

You must care for your Imani Expressions hair extensions as you would your natural hair if you want them to last.  This includes protecting, cleansing, moisturizing, and properly storing the hair extensions. This blog will discuss these four in detail.

Virgin hair must be protected from heat damage the same as you would protect your own natural hair.  Use low settings on flat irons and add a heat protectant to hair extensions before you flat iron or add heat.

Virgin hair extensions need moisture just like natural hair does.  A light leave-in conditioner such as It's a 10 hydrates hair is buildup free and offers thermal styling protection.  It is also great for preserving hair color and improves color vibrancy.  Make sure that products purchased do not alter the texture of hair.

Virgin hair must be cleansed.  Hair extensions could be ruined if not properly taken care of.  Hair extensions can be cleansed by the use of dry shampoo (while installed) and a clarifying shampoo once removed.  Virgin hair can absorb oils and become heavy as does natural hair when in need of a good shampoo. Make sure you are shampooing those extensions well ladies!

After removal of hair extensions be sure to hang them up to dry or lie them on a flat surface to air dry.  If not dried properly will get tangled and possibly be ruined. Just like natural hair is dried and cared for so should your hair extensions.  After shampooing and drying bundle them back up and place them in your Imani Expressions satin bag. 

With proper care, your  Imani Expressions virgin hair extensions will last a year or more.  Love your hair and it will love you back!